walking beside you in the journey and providing support for the challenges along the way

Carolina Counseling Partners is an intentionally small group of licensed counselors based in Greenville, South Carolina. Julie Griffin, Karen Heaps, and Melody Reid are Licensed Counselors who have been friends for many years and launched Carolina Counseling Partners as a way to practice counseling in a way that works for their clients. While each of them sees their own clients, they are also available to cover for each other while on vacation or out of the office. Our practice feels inviting and comfortable, a place where you can be yourself.

Carolina Counseling Partners also provides a supportive mentoring environment to master’s-level interns and associate-level counselors. Learn more about our current  associates and interns:

At Carolina Counseling Partners, we see a variety of issues in our practice. We see men, women, teenagers, children, and marital or pre-marital couples. Each of us enjoys working with families, and we offer group counseling as well as a variety of workshops and events.