julie griffin

meet julie

Julie grew up overseas in Thailand and Sri Lanka, and spent a large part of her adult life in Southeast Asia. She has been married for 30+ years, has 4 wonderful daughters (including 3 sons-in-law), and 2 precious grandchildren. Julie enjoyed the early part of her career in overseas work (Jakarta, Indonesia), returning to the US in 2011 to begin her counseling practice! She loves the uniqueness of interpersonal relationships and helping people to discover their passions for life. In her spare time, Julie enjoys reading, cooking, entertaining for family and friends, and hanging out with her children & grandchildren. Being a Nana is her favorite pastime! She is also a devoted Dallas Cowboys fan.

style of therapy

Julie uses various modalities of counseling depending on the needs of her clients.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Behavior Modification Therapy (children)
Family Therapy (family systems model)
Life Mapping (for individuals in job/career transitions)
Mindfulness Training

practice focus

Anger: Anger is a healthy emotion that is often misunderstood and displaced. I work with individuals in understanding their anger and learning new ways to express themselves more appropriately. Anger can be destructive but can also be constructive when expressed in a healthy manner.

Grief & loss: The goal in grief and loss counseling is to press into the pain and loss, not to avoid or deny or even to move on. The goal is to avoid getting “stuck” and to instead find a way to live life victoriously. Loss can be real or perceived.

Depression: Depression hurts but don’t tackle it alone. Allow me to come alongside you, exploring the origin of the depression & developing ways to cope effectively.

Family Counseling: Family counseling cares for the whole family. Each member brings a unique personality blend to the whole family. The relationship between parents and children can bring distress to the family, especially during family transitions such as sending a child to school for the first day of kindergarten, a stay-at-home mom returning to a career, a father losing his job, or a child moving into adolescence. Let’s learn how to work together as a family to communicate what we need from each other.

Anxiety & stress: We live in a culture that demands and accepts stress and anxiety as a normal way of life. This does not have to be the “normal” that you accept. You can live within healthy ranges of stress and anxiety. Our sessions will include identifying stressors in your life and determining together what changes need to be made to reduce stress.

Child therapy: Children need a way to express what they are thinking and feeling to help them normalize what is happening in their world and to develop how to deal effectively with changes in their environment. Counseling with children is different and includes play therapy and other strategies to help them express themselves. Parents will be involved!

Couples counseling: This is an opportunity to grow as individuals and as a couple. My approach to premarital and marital counseling is a program called Prepare Enrich, which includes an assessment to identify your strengths and growth areas. Don’t give up on your relationship!

Career/job transitions: Lifemapping is a process of identifying troubled areas of your past, setting strong goals for moving forward in your life, and knowing your destination. We live in a time where there is instability in the workplace. Let’s be prepared for where you want to go!


Julie is available to speak to organizations on various topics related to:

Parenting children (Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children)
Parenting teens in today’s world (technology challenges & influences)
Parenting in the transition to young adulthood (ages 18 & older)
The Church and Mental Illness
How to build the healthy family
Human Trafficking Advocacy
Health and Wellness


LPC Licensed Professional Counselor South Carolina
NCC National Certified Counselor

NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist I
Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator
AACC Certified Critical Incident Provider

BAAS Psychology and Criminal Justice from University of North Texas
MAMFC Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling

National Anger Management Association
American Association of Christian Counselors
National Board for Certified Counselors
International Critical Incident Stress Foundation