How to Navigate Holiday Stress

  Christmas will be here in 10 days. Most of us still have decorating, shopping, wrapping or travel to do before we get through this holiday season, and all of that can bring on lots of stress! Just how do you navigate the stress of the holidays? Here are...

Screenagers- Growing Up in the Digital Age

Karen Heaps and I had a chance to view a screening of the documentary/movie Screenagers a few weeks ago, and though much of the information was familiar, I came away from it more concerned than ever about the effects that screens are having on our kids.


Welcome to Carolina Counseling Partners’ Blog!

Welcome to the first ever blog post at Carolina Counseling Partners! Through our blog, we hope to inform, educate, and illustrate a variety of topics related to counseling. This is where we’ll write about topics that we think will be of interest to you. We plan...

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